Jerry's Statement #2
Jerry Parker for Wapello County Supervisor

As all of Ottumwa reviews the events of the past few weeks, they should make
every attempt to separate fact from fiction.  The rumors you hear are
generally not fact.  That's one reason I wanted my warrant open for public
I would remind people that Feinstein, in several instances, lied about me. 
So I have to assume that he lied about others also.  There is no reason to
believe he lied about me and told the truth about others or vice-versa.  Why
would he lie?  Well he needed to get as good of a deal for himself as he
could.  Don't you think it was interesting that the State waived a fine for
Feinstein but assessed one on me?  Also Feinstein will be allowed to argue
for a deferred judgement but I wasn't.  Just as important is the fact that
this thief wasn't charged with any gambling violations even though he
admitted to them.
I have found that the people attacking me personally in this instance are
generally the same people who have attacked me on other issues.  One problem
I see in Ottumwa is that when we don't like the position of someone, we
attack the person personally instead of attacking the position the person
takes.  We are not that big of a town.  In time an issue will surface when
it would help to have that person's support.  However, it is difficult to
work with someone that you know tried to discredit you as a person instead
of your position on an issue.
I have friends that disagree with me on issues often.  However, we remain
friends because we don't get personal about it.  Those that don't like me
because of an issue seem to portray that everything I do is wrong.  Was it
really wrong for me to help start a food commodity program for our senior
citizens, to get them a free box of food every month?  Was it wrong for me
to fight the 58% increase that the electric company wanted to impose on the
people of Wapello County?  Was it wrong for me to fight to allow our senior
citizens, our disabled, and our veterans to keep their property tax credits?
I don't think so.
Political opponents of mine accuse me of being arrogant and not apologetic.
Not true of course.  I'm not arrogant, I'm just realistic.  I knew I would
be charged and no one else would be, no matter how guilty they were.  It
didn't matter that some even admitted their guilt.
The public has found out the names of some individuals because they were
listed as witnesses.  However, the public will never know that many other
Ottumwans were interrogated because of their involvement in potentially
illegal activities.  That had nothing to do with me.  Their investigation is
over and no other charges will be filed because I entered a guilty plea.
I have been in the public eye for more years than any other person in
Wapello County.  When a person faces public scrutiny for that long, it's not
difficult to come up with a list of things against them.  I find the people
of Ottumwa and all of Wapello County to be understanding.  They review all
of the efforts of their elected officials to see if the good they do outweighs any
bad that they might have done.
In the recent articles by the Courier and their editorial board, they went
back nearly 30 years to create attacks on me.  They did sink to a new all
time low when they made reference to comments my 15-year-old runaway
daughter made about me over 20 years ago.  Did the Courier talk to that
same daughter today?  No they didn't.  That daughter is an important member of our family and realizes the mistake of 15-year-olds.  Even she was surprised at the
Courier's new low in journalism.  I have won several elections since the
instances the Courier recently published.  I have found that the public will
weigh the good and the bad and the Courier and will make the right decision
about me.
A recent letter to the editor seemed to make it a bad situation that being
a County Supervisor is the only job that I have.  I think that is a plus.  I
have more time to spend on the job.  I have more time to devote to the
public and am more readily available to the public.  I attend nearly every
event or meeting in the county whether it's a soup supper or ice cream
social or any event in the small towns of Wapello County.  I go to them to
hear their comments and their concerns.
I still believe it to be in the communitys best interest that the names of
other individuals investigated in this case not be released.  Their names
being made public only taints the organizations and professions they
represent.  Why would we want that?  Those names that have already been made
public will have to face media and public scrutiny for quite some time.  We
don't need more.
I'm the luckiest guy in Wapello County.  To have been in elected office as
long as I have and in as many positions as I've held has been an honor. 
This is a great system.  The public, not the Courier, will determine when
Jerry Parker has served the public long enough.  If this term were to be the
last that I serve, you will see no tears.  You will hear only gratitude from
me for you allowing me to serve as long as I have.

We will try to have new items of community interest posted every Monday.  We
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better understand issues.